There was a lot of different reasons for starting this blog, lots of things coalesced to form one cohesive thought, which was: write it down.

I was starting a new job, I was trying to break into comics and, the least known reason (because I’d sort of half forgotten it myself) was that I wanted to write.

I’d half sold a script to 2000AD in about September of ’99 – (see Google) – I cocked it up in the writing of the script stage – I didn’t really have the confidence to pull it through, and that scuppered the whole thing. Still it told me I could come up with decent ideas, I just needed the ability to write.

After that, the professional drawing started and I moved on. I’ve a bunch of decent ideas for shorts (how do I know they’re decent? I usually bounce them off people who are paid to write) and I would like to write some of them. I’d like to produce a comic where I’ve done everything, scripts, art, colours (well, maybe not colours) and lettering and graphic design.

Turns out, I’m a control freak – who knew?

Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.

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