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So, today we had a check up on the new bairn due on the 11th of June. This was an unscheduled checkup owing to Annette being taken into hospital a couple of weeks ago owing to icky baby related yuckiness that no-one, least of all me, wants to know the full details on. Suffice it to say: it looked more dramatic than it was. And it’s put the kiboosh on any strenuous activity. So anyway. Today: more iffy news. The level of fluid around the baby has decreased. Nothing too terrible, just means Annette has to take it even easier than she’s been doing already (making working at home practically impossible unless I can get Nathan off to his grandparents) and we’ve another, new, appointment next week to keep an eye on the fluid levels.

So, after spending about 2 hours in the hospital (over 1 and a half hours longer than anticipated) we drive home, I nip into the local spar to buy some lunch – Rogan Josh (probably not very authentic, but it smelled nice) put it in the back of the car and drove round to pick up Nathan from school. (The original plan was to get some work done, but, at this stage, we’d spent to much time in the hospital for that to happen). Driving home, had to stop suddenly. Rogan Josh hit the floor, and splattered all over the back it was in – luckily contained. So there goes my lunch. Took Nathan to the loo. Pulled the chain to flush, water gushed out of the loo’s top bit. All over me. Apparently it was broken.

So, not a great day. Off to do some dishes.

Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.

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