Girls don’t make passes at guys that wear glasses.

I have new glasses. These are more … I dunno…  more trendy? maybe? more of statement than what I’d normally buy, which tend to be small frames and practically invisible.

I like ‘em. Annette hates ‘em.

8 thoughts on “Girls don’t make passes at guys that wear glasses.”

  1. Those are exactly the type of glasses I’m thinking of “upgrading” to (having worn my current pair since the year 2000… I know, that’s ridiculous). They look mighty fine PJ!

    Despite all this, I’m still too vain to leave the house without contact lenses!

  2. You have a pair from 2000? Blimey, my glasses barely last six months, between losing them, three year child playing with them and my own general clumsiness.


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