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Manga Studio has, in common with Photoshop, an ‘actions’ window – actions are a set of commonly used steps that you might want to repeat. Often you need to use software for a little while before you can start figuring out what steps you find yourself doing over and over again. I’ve now done that bit, so here’s a couple of actions I’ve set up:

Action: Add Panel Ruler Layer

Running this action simply creates a brand new Ruler Panel Layer called “Ruler Panel Layer”. You might say “Why do this as an action? It’s only one step!” that’s nearly true, but one of the advantages of an action is that you can tell it to do a step without using any annoying dialogue boxes – you simply record the action with the presets you want in the dialogue and the next time you run the action those presets will be used.

Action: Add Pencil Ruler Layer

Simple sets up a simple pencil: 8bit grey without reducing colours. Again, once I’ve recorded this action with the presets I want it simply runs it without asking me any questions.

Action: Add a one point perspective Ruler

This creates a ruler layer (called ‘Ruler Layer’) and creates a simple one point perspective ruler on that layer, ready for use.

I’m still playing with what other things I seem to do repeatedly, but those three actions really do take up the bulk of repetitive actions.

Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.

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  1. I’m encouraged that you were able to make a Perspective Ruler action. So far I can get my action to create a “Ruler Layer”, but won’t add the perspective ruler after it. Will try again. Thanks.

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