Number 1

Numbercruncher! Hurrah! Titan Comics! Hurrah! Collection. Reprint. Colouring. Hurrah for everything!

(That last link above is for Titan’s website, where you can read all about it, plus see some preview pages)

I’m gonna be doing new art for some bits and pieces of numbercruncher – as written by Si Spurrier, these will be, most likely, new intro bits, some bits to smooth out some of the storytelling (as necessitated by the difference between the Megazine’s original 10 page per month format and the new US format). I’ve already done a new page 1, to help set the scene and smooth readers into our universe.

You may not know this, but Numbercruncher was intended to be greywash and colour from the get go, time and budget constrained us to greywash and pure black and white – which worked out ok, I think. But it’ll be fun to see it as it was intended – greyash afterlife and real world in colour.

Get ready, I’m very excited…

(Here’s the cover, not sure if this is the final thing yet, but hope so… logo was by top chum Simon Parr at Rebellion, original lettering in the comic was by Simon Bowland – who’s returning to fill in any gaps, and I inked and coloured the cover in Manga Studio 5. Should point out, contrary to the indicia, it’s a four part series…)


Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.