Future Shop

As the last of the big high street multinationals disappear and the paying punters all flee to Amazon, let’s take a walk through the strangely colourful shops that have replaced them, in this, the future nation of shopkeepers of 2016.

You can lose weight and kill some terrorists using the networked kinnects at Virtually Fit. Level up!

Time for a sit down and a read, Books 4 You, serve coffee and let you browse and print -on-demand, the book of your choice (and, of course, you get a drm free copy emailed to your kindle!).

Let’s replace some of that old tat that’s been cluttering up the house with some nice new tat at the YouBuy, trade or swap with the locals. You could do this online, but there’s nothing quiet so much fun as battering there and then.

That done, let’s head home and listen to some vinyl, but wait, you’ve only got that new single in mp3 format, no problem – there’s Vinyl Count Down, where you can print your own MP3s onto a vinyl album. (They could do anything with that 3d printer really, but they’ve decided to specialise in vinyls, and will also print out lovely album covers in store).

It’d be kind of cool to bring the latest Minecraft “Steve” figure home for the kids, and while Vinyl Count Down only use their 3d machine for records, Third Dimension is just next door and it’ll print out anything! Shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, enough time to nip next door to and finally fix that annoying neighbour with the help of Drones 4 U,.

(Oh, before you go home, you could pop into INFOGRAPHIX, hand over your iPhone – which has mapped out everything you’ve done today – and get them to knock out a quick and lovely infographic on. A tshirt It’s the future!)

Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.