Sunday Digest Sunday 3rd March, 2013

Here’s a round up of the weeks posts

  • Post-blackout
    I have some minor rituals, on starting a new page I do a little tidy up. Sometimes this is essential. The worst times is when the page I’ve been drawing has cause such artistic constipation that it’s almost like, post-completetion I’ve had some sort of blackout. This is what’s just happened. Post-artistic-block-blackout, I’ve been scouring […]
  • Things happened/things happening
    Received, in the post, a copy of Porcelain – a beautiful looking book in which I have a pinup (which in no way detracts from the books over all impressiveness) Tomorrow I’ll be at W5 helping out a new thing they’ve started – the sketch club, life drawing with a storm trooper and a Spartan. […]
  • The Comic Artists Survey
    In about 1998, an artist called Larry Dempsey did a small neat survey for inkers and built a massive and useful resource from it. Unfortunately he’s since removed all traces of the survey from the internet (even the wayback machine draws up a blank). But, there’s nothing to stop us building a new comic artists […]
  • I’m too old for this shizznitz
    Are you ever too old to break in to comics? I don’t think so. I think it gets harder and harder to maintain the idea that you’re gonna stumble into a big break (ie, the delightful naivety of youth disappears) – but then, for most people being an ‘overnight success’ in comics actually meant drawing […]
  • Imagine all the people
    I’ve written a workshop for Imagine FX – to appear NEXT issue. (The current issue dropped through my letterbox and I was cheered up no end by the next issue blurb). I’ve stumbled into pro writing this year, no plan to, but it’s been fun and oddly effortless. The topics have usually been things I […]
  • Bannerman
    I’m getting a banner done. You see them everywhere now at comic cons. They’re actually startlingly cheap too (£35 average). The first banner I ever saw in the UK was the victim of a great deal of derision from fellow pros. It seemed too gauche. Too American. Imagine, publicising yourself so people could find you […]
  • Day 22 – Numbing the Crunches
    Ok, I missed yesterday – I forgot, and by the time I remembered, I couldn’t get a post under the wire. Sue me! If I did post yesterday, it would have been to link to a number cruncher review on IGN: Holden’s artwork manages to keep up to speed with Spurrier’s zany ideas. In fact, […]
  • Day 20 – Crunching the numbers
    A couple of number cruncher review round ups: Comic Book Resources: This is my first experience with Holden’s art, and based on this I’d like to see a lot more. It feels almost like a strange mash-up of the styles of artists like Steve Parkhouse and John Romita Jr., with nice angular faces but then […]
  • Day 19 -Dredd vs Death
    I’ve been sitting on a commission for ages, thought I’d do it as part of a warm up to get back to drawing comics proper, like. Of course, time being what it is, it took a couple of days to do the warm up (kids/family/doctors visit). On the health front: been giving am inhaler for […]

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