I have been goofing around with water colour sketches.

As a rule I don’t sketch much, it feels like it’s time spent away from actually drawing comics. BUT – I should be sketching, it’s a way to play with ideas and techniques that I don’t get to do otherwise, and a way to rehearse drawings that I may end up doing properly later.

I’ve had a little box of water colours for an age now, and thought it’d be fun to get them out and play with them – last having used them over a year or more ago for nothing more than a couple of sketches.

I’m pretty pleased with the rsults, so much so, that I think, when I sketch at conventions, I might just sketch water colours – they’re fun, and easy and don’t take much more effort than fully inking a sketch (in fact, they don’t need the precision of inks to make them look good – just a some water and away you go)

Here’s something I just did – it may be the nicest sketch page I’ve ever drawn (most sketch pages composed of bits of arms and legs, etc)

(Annoyingly I haven’t figured out a way to scan them and get the lovely subtelties of the originals, so it’s not just as nice as the original…)


Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.