Office Space

I’m clearing my studio – I have a new desk on the way (well a second hand desk) to replace my computer table. This old table here I’ve owned for probably 15 years, handed down from my brother(who’s since passed on) – it’s an incredibly sturdy office table, the likes of which ikea wouldn’t know how to build.

Unfortunately, the drawers inside have fallen apart, it’s too sturdy to remove them (I tried) and it’s a like a gnarly old tortoise, too old and ugly to attract anything but slightly bewildered stares.

New table is a more modern (and likely more fall-y apart-y) but L shaped. So I’m hoping I can shift some things around and use it for drawing as well as computer work.

The big trouble is cruft. Decades of accumulated bits of paper, drawings unfinished, notebooks with 10% of the pages used. Stuff I should man up and throw out, but habitual hogging has halted  any such sense.

It’s like my blog – there’s a lot of stuff in there that just doesn’t work any more, means nothing to no-one but me, and really, I should just shut the whole thing down, delete it all and then start it up by putting it back together one bit at a time.

But who has the time for that?


Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.