Office Space II

It seems silly to be excited about studio space, when, in essence, I’ve occupied the same tiny room for around 8 years – using the same desks that I’ve worked at for around 15 years (actually one is probably 20 years old). But I am.

I stumbled across a great desk/shelving unit combo in a charity shop for a steal (actually oddly priced: the desk was £25 the shelving unit £55 – one was vastly under priced the other felt over priced). I’d planned on buying a small desk to use in my dad’s garage (a room he’d converted for horrifying reasons I’ll tell you about the next time you see me at a con – just ask about my dad’s “bachelor pad“)  as a get-away-from-home studio, but this desk was just too tempting to buy for home.

Anyhue, old desks all gone, new desk in place. This desk is much larger, necessitating a switch in position – which I’m only getting used to (not helped by the current sweltering heat in Belfast). I’ve turned from facing the wall with the door (and back to the window) (let’s call that 3 O’clock) to facing the wall (at 12 O’clock) which means the window is to my left and the door to my right (though it’s actually behind me since I’m flush to the wall I’m facing). I like this position a lot more. I’m no believer in feng shui, but the fact that the other parts of the house are no outside my field of view, and the outside world is now in it feels great.

One of the problems arising out of new workspace though is that my old drawing area was vast – too vast, men lived and died in the outer fringes of the centre of the drawing board, unnoticed – lives lost lamenting a lesser love.

Or something.

Anyway, it was too big, but it was all I knew.

My new drawing area is exactly A2 sized, no more no less. Which is large enough, but I’m struggling to figure out some of the logistics of keeping water from spilling, ink from splattering and pencils from doing that things pencils do that means the moment I turn my back the little buggers have sodded off to the far corner of the studio.

Here’s the new hotness…

Screenshot 2014-07-25 19.44.54

Weirdly, even though the new desk is massive compared to my original computer desk, as it’s also doubling as a drawing desk I’ve actually managed to free up HALF my studio space. I’m aghast. I have NO idea what to do with that extra space. I suspect it’ll be mostly used for pacing.

Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.