24 Hour Comic Day: Barry the Space Prawn

Before I start, don’t get too excited, there was no way on earth I was doing a full 24 hour comic, more like three or four hours in between doing family stuff (in fact, as I write this, it’s still on, so I’m putting a fork in mine and calling it done… such as it is).

So, anyway, Glenn Davidson with Farset labs, made some space available and they were able to host a 24 hour session. I dropped in with my youngest son Thomas (6) who enjoyed sitting and writing/drawing his own little book so much he was disappointed to find this didn’t happen every Saturday.

I rarely write my own stuff, but I know what makes me laugh, and so, from a cold start, I penciled and inked and painted four pages of what-presumably, given time and inclination, would be a much longer comic.

Panel 1 was because I knew I wanted it in space, panel 2 was because I was a little bored, from then on it took off on its own and made some sort of sense. Hope you like it (and I clearly get better at drawing Barry as I go on).

I quite enjoyed the experience, and, I think, next year I might try and organise it so I have more time to spend and actually finish something (maybe closer to 10 hours, and a 24 page ipad sized comic would be manageable…)

Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.