Inktober 4: C is for … Caped Crusader

Ok, this is a little cheat in the name – Thomas(6) was a disappointed I didn’t do B is for Batman, so I bent the rules a little. (Look, you’re lucky I’m not also doing D is for Dark Knight…)

(and in case you’re thinking I’m late – I inked this early this morning but have been out all day… so nyah!)


I’m starting to feel like I’m already repeating myself with these single figure pieces, so the next thing might be a more involved scene (but then that pushes up the amount of work I need to do, which is stupid for a warm up sketch).

By the way, if you see any of these sketches you look, drop me a line, I’m selling them for £50 (incl postage). A BARGAIN!



Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.