The 49er

Ok, month’s over. Here’s the final count: 49 pages pencilled and inked, and a further 14 penciled. Averaging about 1 and a half full pages per day (ignoring just the pencils).

The month didn’t start of with any promise, as I’ve posted already, I’d just finished last month with 13 pages in the bag and a general grim feeling about my long term career prospects. BUT! A tight deadline job from 2000AD (drawing a zombie story in 12 days, which, ultimately I pulled off in 6) kickstarted the month for me and kickstarted the weirdest most productive month of drawing in my life.

I’m generally feeling pretty good about the art. It remains to be seen whether I can keep it up next month – though, no reason why I can’t just power through and keep going (with the added bonus that I already have 13 pages pencilled).

I think I need to draw around 40 pages next month to get some stuff in on deadline, but that feels more than doable now.

There’s a week in this month where all I did was pencil, and the final week saw a little tapering off – all I was doing was inking and some days the best I managed was one pencilled page. So, potentially, I can get up to 2 or more pages per day.

That’s a weird figure to conjure with.

It would be a mistake though to think this is the new normal. It’s not. I’ve got to make sure not to over commit to work – as I have done in the past, ending up blowing a couple of gigs that, if I was working at this pace would have been no problem.

November I’ll actually be commitment free for the first time in a long time, though I know a new Monsterology book will be on the horizon I have nothing else firmed up yet.

Anyway, good month for me. I hope yours was good. And tomorrow? kids back at school proper. YAY!


Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.