Septembers child is full of grace (and pages)

So, here endith September, and the total tally for this month is… 45 pages. Averaging exactly 1.5 pages per day – though the reality was there were days where I spent the entire time pencilling and then mostly I was inking between 1 to 3 pages per day. But I’ll take 1.5 per day.

That means combined with last month, I’ve drawn 94 pages in two months, a somewhat astonishing record for me (and in fact most people).

I’m pretty sure that’s sustainable. I mean, there was definitely a dip in morale around the 30th page this month, but that picked up shortly afterwords. And for the most part the pages are pretty good too, high up in the quality of my own work(which is the only measurement that makes sense)

That said, there are two difficult aspects of being a comic artist: getting work and doing work. Now I’ve discharged all my current obligations (basically have cracked the ‘doing work’ bit) the next thing is get more work. Happily I have a month or so of grace as I’m able to live off the money earned from the work done (we draw we eat, that’s the basics of it as life as a comic artist).

Not sure what’s next. More Dept of Monsterology is certainly on the cards, but Gordon needs to write it first. I’d like to go back to American Gothic and do something monsterous there (I had fun drawing the four part Gunsuits written by Paul Tobin, though it coincided with a down period in the speed of production, most of that was drawn at a rather bankrupting 16 pages per month, and then the final episode was clawed out at 13 pages in one month – that feels like forever ago, and fingers crossed I’ll never hit a speed bump like that again).

I may just take the next month and try and do some big two samples. I’ve never taken a proper swing at their door, largely because I’ve been lucky enough to have work…

In other news:

Got myself a 27″ cintiq. Here’s a short review: yes it’s amazing.

I’m running it on a MacBook pro with 8Gb RAM. Manga Studio (or Clip Studio Paint), I think, doesn’t get enough credit for how well it works on any device, it really doesn’t push hardware at all – which suggests it’s fantastically well written bit of software. If I load up photoshop, or any other image editor within seconds the fans are whirring on the MacBook, but on Manga Studio it’s never -that I’ve seen-caused the processors to get warm.

Off for a few days to that their London, hoping to have a good time.

I think I deserve a short break!

Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.