First Rehearsals.

So, I’ve now had a couple of rehearsals of macbeth, and have some thoughts on the only activity I do beside draw comics (seriously, this is it).

Firstly, it’s nice to do something that’s just for me, and involves not sitting staring at paper. I’m enjoying all of it. I’m enjoying the short walk to the studio (it’s literally up the street from me, so I’m not gaining much in exercise, but better than sitting in the house all the time). I’m enjoying the acting (though I’m struggling a little to really let go – I actually found myself flushing as I had to rhubarb rhubarb through a scene will others were acting – the fact I found it embarrassing is embarrassing. It’s layers and layers of embarrassment going all the way down, product of a catholic(ish) upbringing, I suppose). I’m enjoying the sitting around in a room doing nothing while others do stuff. Yesterday we had a three hour rehearsal where the majority of my contribution was walking on stage and off again in one scene. Just lovely!

I’m also finding it a little harder to bed in comfortably, but it’s a big cast and I’m there practically every rehearsal.  I always struggle saying hello for the first time then I’m impossible to shut up.

20 years ago, I was the annoying one that derailed every rehearsal into nonsense. This time I’m keenly aware of how much time I’m sitting in rehearsals when I could be at home working.

My previous experience had set me up to expect all sorts of silly games/warm up exercises but nope, none of that, straight in to the acting. And, to be honest, I like that.

BTW So you don’t think of me as the most selfish man on earth, my wife has decided to go back to part time education (like me she works part time) she’s doing a diploma (roughly A level standard) in Biology and Chemistry. Having previously done a degree in Business studies and a masters in Business and European law. As I’ve said on twitter, it feels like, with our eldest (Nathan) starting secondary school, Thomas in P5 (and always a little bit more independent than Nathan) we’ve levelled up a bit and now have time for ourselves!

Anyway, now I’ve got drawing to do, I’ll try not to bore you too much with the acting stuff, next time I update I’ll maybe try and get some photos or something just to liven the post up a bit!


Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.