Out out brief candle


In July, when I auditioned for Macbeth I was really pretty trepidatious – first bit of acting in decades and I’ve been ploughing a furrow of my own design for so long I’m not sure I had any people skills any more (then I remembered I never actually had people skills, I was always a bit of tactless blunderer).

It came right as I’d been asked to do three episodes of the five part World of Tanks with Garth Ennis (which only an idiot would’ve turned down) while also drawing a new series for 2000AD called Hunted*.

So I sat down and laid out a calendar for the next four months of work and just started. It was a daunting amount of work, but one experience has shown me is that when you have a solid amount of work all you’ve gotta do is figure out how to put your head down and do one thing at a time. That’ll get you through anything.


Here’s the calendar as it looks now (Left hand page – Comics deadlines, Right hand page – scenes I had to learn). October to November was particularly interesting because I had one deadline per week, alternating between Hunted and World of Tanks.

Rehearsals weren’t too onerous, if anything, I suspect they were what kept me sane while I was working on producing roughly 32 pages per month for four months(!)hunted_ep8_001_001

As it happened, within a fortnight, I finished Hunted (which sports some spectacular colours from Len O’Grady – LOOK AT THE COLOURS!) finished World of Tanks (should be out soon)

And now the play is over. Four nights running last Wednesday to Saturday, four performances as Ross (who functions as much as Basil Exposition as anything). I hope to do more acting, it felt like 20 years of rust just sloughed off me. I think I was decent in it (who can tell, right?) I certainly enjoyed being on stage, I enjoyed milling about waiting to go on stage, I enjoyed hanging out with the cast and crew and, pretty much everything about the experience, so thank you Jo for casting me, for Heather (Lennox to my Ross), Graham and Rachel (The Macbeths), Barney, Roger, Mike, and every one else (it was a big cast/crew!).


(That’s Macbeth – Graham, Ross – me, and Lennox – Heather, photo stolen from the Southbank facebook page.)

More auditions are happening in January, and with a bit of luck, I’ll go for them too – I definitely feel more able to audition than I did when I auditioned before, and everyone at southbank has made me feel welcome. And it’s really nice to have something other to do than sit in my room working.




Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.