It’s here, boss! It’s here! The plane! THE PLANE!

Ok, not the plane, the computer.

Computer arrived last week, spent a few days setting it up and tweaking it, spec if on my previous blog post, so here’s some early thoughts (dedicated to those, like me, have had to make the switch from mac to pc).

The Good:

Man, this just flies. Clip Studio Paint, big(ish) painterly brushes, small inking brushes lagfree. I actually thought my previous system was ok for b&w ink work, but it turns out this is even nicer. Zero lag on the normal inks I’d use, nice precise line work. Dead good. And opening 22 page documents, with 600 dpi A3 sized artwork? Seconds. Incredibly fast. Saving a single image is so fast I have to sometimes double check I’ve done it.

3d Stuff, whoosh! Pretty spectacular! I used Sculptris before on the mac and it wouldn’t take too long before the fan kicked in, here it’s able to handle a lot! (before.. er.. it crashed).

Using sketchfab is amazing for hi res, hi detail models, and sketchup isn’t just as smooth as I’d like – but I put that down to the software – as it’s able to handle hi res renders without slowing down.

These are all pretty useful to me.

The bad:

Gah this thing is a monsterous size (and monsterously ugly) I’ve slipped it down the side of my desk so I never have to look at it ever again. It’s not silent, but out of the way the fan is quieter than my old MacBook and it’s far enough away I can’t hear it, so that’s a relief.

Man, I’d forgotten what a heartache windows was to find software that’s exactly what you want. iTunes is a dog on windows (it just doesn’t work at all most of the time) and I used it for listening to podcasts so now I have to find decent podcasting software and that a trawl that I really don’t want to waste my time on.

For all the macs (many) faults, generally you’d have less choice but it’d be the exact right choice.

Windows Movie maker doesn’t exist any more (so there goes and video editing).

My keyboard (I spent £80 on a decent keyboard, it’s wireless, has lights so you can look at it in the dark and a trackpad) works beautifully, except the play/pause buttons only seem to work in the windows “groove” program, which I presume is windows new audio player. That would be ok but the damn thing doesn’t handle podcasts.

I can live with the bad, and really, I still have my ipad for music/tv watching so it’s not awful. I’m existing in a weird in between world where my windows machine serves a single function and I use my mac kit for everything else.

Soon though… soon VR/AR – it’s something I’m desperate to explore, and something I intend to stuck in to at some point (er… when I can afford the rest of the kit!)


Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.