Strike the Set

Well, that’s it. We finished the last performance of the James Joyce short story The Dead on Saturday and that’s my acting career on hold for the moment.

Really enjoyed it, though playing one of the greek chorus, stood on stage for an hour and 15 minutes was as much a test of endurance as it was of ability to act (if not more so).

The summer play that South Bank do, unfortunately, coincides with my hols, so I’ll just pretend if I’d auditioned for it I would have got a part, and the only thing stopping me is that the dates are all wrong.

It’s been a really interesting experience meeting everyone at Southbank playhouse, it’s clichéd but it felt like a big family (and for many of them that’s literally the case) and I hope to continue to contribute and be the odd one who doesn’t really feel like he should be there, but everyone is very nice to anyway.

(I’m two for two for giving directors artwork related to the play as a finishing gift, little worried it’ll become my defining habit)

My time will fill up, of course, three nights a week rehearsals will suddenly be three nights a week where I wonder where I found time to rehearse, but I really want to do more (and I really want to do something between shows, but not yet sure what that’ll be).

Anyway, I’m glad I revisited the acting, it’s still enormous fun and, oddly relaxing, I get annoyed with myself for flubbing lines or not being loud enough, but I’ve never really any pressure, if anything it’s nice to stop thinking about my comic drawing deadlines and other adult responsibilities and just be someone else for a little while (though, it’s nice to come back to those things too)


Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.