Clip Studio Paint: Paste Into Layer

There’s lots of things I love about Clip Studio Paint, and a few things that annoy the heck out of me. Luckily, I can often fix the latter with the former.

One feature I miss from Photoshop is “Paste Into Layer” this takes something from the clipboard and then pastes it -INTO-the layer.

Clip Studio Paint, no doubt because of the complexities it adds by having different layer types lacks this feature. But we can easily add it using Auto Actions AND Shortcut settings.

Step one: create  a new Clip Studio Paint document. This is purely so we can create the actions, so don’t worry too much about any of the specifics of the file – anything here will do.

Step two: put something on the clip board. Select some art, or copy an image from somewhere. Again, largely unimportant what – just make sure you have something.

Step three: Make sure Window->Auto Action is displayed then create a new Auto Action – call it “Paste Into Layer”

Step four: Press the record button to record the steps.

Step five (record these steps!):

Step 5.1 : Paste the clip board into the document (CTRL+V on PC, CMD+V on mac)

Step 5.2: Merge the layer with the layer below (Layer->Merge With Layer Below, you can also press CTRL+E on the PC, CMD+E on the mac)

Step 5.3 press stop on the auto action record. That’s it. Action is recorded.

Step 6: Select File->Shortcut Settings. From the “Setting Area” drop down select “Auto Action”. Find the action you just recorded. Select Add Shortcut and then press “CTRL+SHIFT+V” – or, on a mac “CMD+SHIFT+V”

And that’s it! Hit ok!

Now if you press CTRL+SHIFT+V anything in the clipboard gets pasted IN to the current layer. Couple of caveats: the layer then becomes the same type of layer as whatever was in the pasteboard. Ie if you are pasting full colour art into a line art layer then the resulting merged image will be full colour. It’s not a big deal, but worth knowing. (If you cut from a CSP line art layer and paste into another line at

Author: PJ

PJ is a Belfast based comic artist, and has been for some time.