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Clone Alone.

I love one page stories. They hold a special place in my heart. You can draw an entire story in one day and within that story is an entire universe, you can go as crazy as you like, experiment how you fancy. It’s 2000AD’s future shock format compressed into an even smaller place.

Here’s the one pager I did, written by Corey Fryia and lettered by Micah Myer.


Hope you liked it, now the background!

On twitter, someone I didn’t know – Corey Fryia, was RTd looking for an artist for a single pager. I had an itch, and there was the scratch. I’m sure I was as unfamiliar to Corey as he was to me.

Anyway, I volunteered, Corey sent me a script, and, in the worst way imaginable I drew what I wanted, script be damned! (hey it was one page! and he said it was ok!). The original script was didn’t specify that the firing squad where basically various pixar characters (that was me) and wasn’t even about a Clone. That was me too (though I may have brow beat Corey with that one).

Unheard of, for me, I even dropped a panel in the script – largely because I wanted to draw less panels and it felt superfluous (panel 3 here was originally two panels, one with the commander saying fire and the next with people firing).

I’m pretty happy with my story telling in the strip – I think it’s pretty readable sans dialogue (a good measure!) happy with some of the faces and some of the colouring. It still feels too laboured on the colouring front – too heavy in some way. No idea why or how to fix it (maybe I need to not colour so much – maybe make the texture more subtle?). The final panel doesn’t work as well as it could – to be honest, it’s not well enough drawn which is a shame as the twist turns on it a little. I think I could draw it as well as it needs but it’d take probably as long as the entire page – maintaining a likeness at those angles is tough and would require lots of planning

Still those caveats aside, fun to do, and on to the next thing!


I pencilled this drawing an age ago, finally got around to inking then colouring. My first pass at colouring was done on procreate on the ipad, but I have some terrible habitual problems with procreate – an over reliance on the same brush tools being the main one, which fools me into thinking I’ve done something really nice, but it does tend to give everything the same texture. I have the same problems in Manga Studio, but I’m more willing to forgive myself (probably because the resolution is so much higher).



Evolution of a cover….

I was commissioned by Adam Crossingham to do a cover for Sixtystone Press‘s WWII RPG game “Investigator Weapons: World War 2” (which, unless I’m mistaken, promises WWII action and Cthulu style monsters), the book should be out early next year, but you can see the cover now…

(some notes: traditional pencils, with digital inking in Manga Studio 5EX – colours also in MS5EX)

Inktober Catchup

I know, I know. I’ve missed a few. Ah ha! Got ya!  I’ve been drawing but not scanning, so here’s a catchup –

(ok, there’s still a few missing, whatcha gonna do!)

If you like to buy any of these, hit me up in the comments (or the contact me page) £50 for any of them, £60 for killer croc (spot colour) and £60 for MODOK (spot colour – they both have a red ink spot colour, but I’ve rejigged the colours here for variety)

Droids 5


Droids is drawing to a close, sadly! the constant fear that I will incur the wrath of Tharg is keeping awake at night (well, that and the incredible gut pain I’ve been suffering from… possibly related…?)

One more for tomorrow, and that may be it!

Inktober 9: H is for Harley Quinn

Well, of course it is.

Real struggle with the face on this piece. Half assed attempt at a Bruce Timm face fell so short of the mark that it wasn’t even in the same neighbourhood as the mark. Drawing female faces (esp attractive female faces) has always been a struggle for me. At times like this I try and think of an artist who does it a lot better than me, and who’s art style has a certain compatibility with mine (albiet mine is usually a pale shadow of theirs) so I cracked open Darkness Calls by Duncan Fegrado, but just the magical act of opening the book helped, so in the end I didn’t even still anything. Weird.

Anyhue, brush and black ink.


Inktober 8 – G is for Groot

This is for my son, Thomas, who loved the movie and this moment in particular.

I tried to quickly ink this, using a pen (rotring ticky graphics .4) and a marker but it was horrible, looked flat and dead and scratchy and just all round amateurish. Picked up a brush and reinked it – superfast, not at all taking time to get it right but the speed inking with a brush beats the pants off speed inking with a marker.