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Inktober Catchup

I know, I know. I’ve missed a few. Ah ha! Got ya!  I’ve been drawing but not scanning, so here’s a catchup –

(ok, there’s still a few missing, whatcha gonna do!)

If you like to buy any of these, hit me up in the comments (or the contact me page) £50 for any of them, £60 for killer croc (spot colour) and £60 for MODOK (spot colour – they both have a red ink spot colour, but I’ve rejigged the colours here for variety)

Droids 5


Droids is drawing to a close, sadly! the constant fear that I will incur the wrath of Tharg is keeping awake at night (well, that and the incredible gut pain I’ve been suffering from… possibly related…?)

One more for tomorrow, and that may be it!

Inktober 9: H is for Harley Quinn

Well, of course it is.

Real struggle with the face on this piece. Half assed attempt at a Bruce Timm face fell so short of the mark that it wasn’t even in the same neighbourhood as the mark. Drawing female faces (esp attractive female faces) has always been a struggle for me. At times like this I try and think of an artist who does it a lot better than me, and who’s art style has a certain compatibility with mine (albiet mine is usually a pale shadow of theirs) so I cracked open Darkness Calls by Duncan Fegrado, but just the magical act of opening the book helped, so in the end I didn’t even still anything. Weird.

Anyhue, brush and black ink.


Inktober 8 – G is for Groot

This is for my son, Thomas, who loved the movie and this moment in particular.

I tried to quickly ink this, using a pen (rotring ticky graphics .4) and a marker but it was horrible, looked flat and dead and scratchy and just all round amateurish. Picked up a brush and reinked it – superfast, not at all taking time to get it right but the speed inking with a brush beats the pants off speed inking with a marker.


Inktober Day 6: E is for EGO THE LIVING PLANET

“Well, that last inktober sketch was a little more than a sketch, really, I should totally try and simplify it this time…” oops.

Actually the water colour background here was a pretty simple addition (and was originally going to be black ink) but it looked so good and made the fairly simple inks really pop.

(as a side note: there’s a relativity paucity of superhero characters beginning with the letter E).


Inktober Day 5: D is for Deadpool.

If you’re late on board, I thought it’d be fun this “inktober” to do a super hero alphabet, seeing as I generally don’t draw superheroes, so thought it’d be a good chance to stretch (and a chance to really get away from digital inking and back into some sort of comfort with a brush). Day 1 of Inktober, though, coincided with “Day Of Dredd”, so I pushed pause on the superhero alphabet specifically to do a dredd. Which is why the numbers don’t quite line up with the letters of the alphabet. I’m sure you’ll not mind.

Here we go: D is for Deadpool. It was starting to feel like I was either starting to repeat myself or on the verge of doing so (I realise most will not think that) each pose was unique, but it was single character, mid distance/close shot with extreme perspective. No really attempt to build a narrative around the image.

Yes I realise I’m being a big stupidly precious over what amounts to an exercise to get you to sketch more. Anyway, this deadpool feels like it was too much work (though it wasn’t really, it just took all day because .. family.)

Hope you like it. (And if you LOVE it, you can buy it off me for £75 incl p&p it’s A4 on Bristol Board and the pencils are on the reverse side  – just contact me!)