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hmm… sometimes I write something and I try and post and I have a system crash. Then I figure I gotta write it again, only this time I’m jobbing through it and can barely be bothered.
Just so’s you know…

Okay, today: went into town and picked up some original artwork by Cully Hammer. I know guys that would look at incredible artwork like that and think “bugger I can never do that” and they feel defeated. I tend to look at it and go “cor, I’d love to be able to do that” and feel really inspired to pick up a pencil. Been doing some character sketch stuff today, just to keep my hand in. Gonna see if I can get a script for “Lucifer” and do a sample of it for comics 2001. Johnny (my original art guy) has hundreds of pages of original artwork by various creators (I have a couple of pages – my faves are the Cully Hammer page and a page of “Titans” by Chris Sprouse). The stuff I like has a certain quality to the inking line. It’s incredible looking, really controlled and absoloutly faultless. Incredibly fine lines exactly where they should be and the feathered lines are exactly equidistanced apart and taper to the most incredible points. I wish I could do that. And by god I’m gonna keep trying.


Okay…. I’ve been doing nothing. I got the art for LiveBait scanned in, and when my pc is connected you should be able to see it soonish. I’ve also started moving some of my shareware comics stuff off site, which will allow me to put some more stuff online.
Geeky computer thing I’ve done today: stuck a second video card in my pc and, along with an old – not great monitor – I now have a 2 monitor system. It fairly rocks (in a sad kind of way) definately much easier to edit and colour artwork this way. Cool… now what I want is Windows 2000 so my PC can become a little more crash resistant.


Cor this lettering lark is dull, even with computers. I use Corel Draw and a font called WhizBang! it’s a nice, generic looking comic book lettering font (although you have to buy it). I also use a font called “YIKES” (which is shareware). I’ve lettered the first five pages of the Bulldog strip (called “DUTY”) it’s got great dialogue, although there’s quite a bit of it.
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And now, here’s a domain name My Computer. Since the NTL IP address (oh yes, I can see everyone falling asleep now) is mostly static – this should work 90% of the time — unless my PC keels over (which it will)
As far as comics go: well, I’m on the downhill slope to comics 2001. I’ve completed the artwork I needed to do (although I have a little chasing up for one of the strips for Violent) now all I have to do is letter the 10 page bulldog, the 3 page Live Bait 2 and the 3 Page other strip whos name I can’t remember. So I may not be posting any bits for a couple of days (although I may, who knows, not me, that’s for sure)


At Last! Sat down and forced myself to finish the last page of the dog strip. From Beginning to end it’s taken a fair while to get this thing done. Got the script around the 16th of Jan and I’ve finished it today (21 April – what’s that? 3 months later). Why so long? Cus I had a 2000ad assignment and a warhammer assignment in between times (and a Doc Who illo and a 3 page Live Bait strip to finish and a cover to do for it).
Not an awful lot of work to show for the time period although if you count all of the pages I drew which I didn’t like it’d probably be a fairly impressive page count. The gap between starting bulldog and finishing meant my enthusiasm waned somewhat (despite a really good script by Jason Cobley) so I’m glad to have it done. Now of course I’ve gotta letter all of this stuff in time for a lot of it to be printed before Comics 2001.

Hopefully after comics 2001 I can do another Bulldog (this time in one go). Mind you, if I get another 2000AD assignment or a Warhammer assignment in the middle … hell… they pay 😉
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Been having lots and lots of problems with Blogger and NTL world in the past couple of days. Also my little clock had to go, it seemed to be the cause of a system crash on Simon Grrs computer — Sorry Si 🙂

Livebait pg 1 and 2

I’ve just repencilled page 1 and most of page 2 of livebait. I decided that since this was non-commercial (in other words, I ain’t getting paid) I might as well let loose a little. So they’re supercartoony. A damn sight more interesting than the previous versions, cartoony but more with added gore :).

Seem to be tearing through the artwork in that style. C’est la vie. (or something)

Live Bait / Bulldog / Dr Who

Putting the finishing touches to the Warhammer thing. Do I like it? I’m looking at it now and I can pick out bits I like and bits I don’t. I’m happy with it, but I can see where I can improve what I did which will, hopefully, feed into the next job. Now I can get back to my other stuff, the priority is to finish the Bulldog script, the Doctor Who illustration and the remaining two pages (still to be inked) of LiveBait 2. You can see page 1 of Live bait here (194kb)

Process White

At last! Finished Page #4. I’ll probably post the old page #4 later on in the week.

What exactly is the deal with Process White? I’ve been using White Ink for ages and finally I gave in to peer pressure and bought some process white. It’s horrible. It smells bad, it bubbles up (or something) when you apply it on the top of indian ink and it’s not waterproof. I may go back to using white ink unless someone can tell me I’m doing something wrong with it.

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Okay, to recap what happened yesterday: finally repencilled all of page #4. It’s much better, and now I’ve gotta reink it all – although I’m about half way through now. So that’s three versions of that page so far. And the deadline is ticking down…

Comics 2001

Yup, I knew it. Didn’t get home to about 2:30. But I did book my tickets for Comics2001. This is my first year as a proper guest (I’ve got guest passes before but only after turning up and proving my pedigree 😉

If you see me about I’ll be happy to do a sketch for you. If you want one or not 🙂

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And now we get to the gist of why this site is called creative struggling. After inking the majority of page 4 (the final page) of succubus (the title of the warhammer strip) I’ve decided I hate it and am gonna be redoing it, right after my day job. And because I’m redoing this page will mean a whole bunch of obstacles will mysteriously appear to prevent me getting home early. g’ah!

Live Bait Boob Job

Ho hum, just did this while giving boob jobs to a bunch of female warriors (reductions all round) “Say Goodbye”

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Page 1 of Live Bait 2 is fully inked (if I can get permission I’ll post a copy up). I’ve been given the go ahead to ink page 4 of the Warhammer strip, although I have to make a few modifications. Hopefully get that finished today/tonight. I’ve also got to alter a couple of other panels on page 2 (To make certain images clearer). Curiously, page 3 which I was expecting to have to alter substantially (cus I’d gone more cartoony) passed without comment.

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Okay, thought I’d recap all of the projects I have on the go at the moment and the stage they’re at.

Warhammer, 4 pages black and white, currently (as you may know if you’ve read the previous posts here) pages 1,2 and 3 are completed (pencils & inks) page 4 is pencilled and awaiting a go ahead to ink (although, so far, touch wood, everything else has been fine). Hopefully should get that finished tomorrow.

Once I’ve done that I have these things lined up, hopefully all appearing for Comics 2001:

Bulldog Adventures Magazine, 10 pages black and white. I’m pencilling and Patrick O’Connor is inking. I’ve the first 5 pages pencilled. I’m finding it tough going, I’m so unused to pencilling for other people. Still I’ve had a fair gap off from doing it (did Dredd and will have done the warhammer thing in between)

Doctor Who illustration for Perfect Timing 2, a charity book put together by Jay Eales. It’s a Doctor Who/Carry On hybrid which I’m finding tough to get good reference on Sid James and Babs Windsor. Sid is easier to find stuff on, and Babs is easy to find stuff on if you want her looking like she does in Eastenders.

Live Bait 2: 3 pages pencils & inks. I pencilled most of this today and yesterday, just 1 panel left to pencil. I’ve also started inking the first page. My intention was to get Patrick to ink it but it was just sitting there going “ink me instead of doing the other stuff you should be doing”

… There must be more… Ho hum, I’ll check and update tomorrow.

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Cor, Finally finished pencilling Page #4. Here’s the final panel pencilled – the pencils look a bit crap mostly cus I jazz it all up in the inking, but don’t forget, physically this panel will be much smaller (oh the excuses!). Oh yes, I repencilled the entire scene. It was much easier to draw everything again rather than just that single panel, there were two panels I didn’t repencil. One was just as she was about to entire the torture room (ornate doorway type thing) and the other was a close up of her hand turning a power switch off.

Y’know if you’re reading this I will be expecting you to buy a copy when the comic comes out. Then, you’ll have to write in to warhammer to tell them how great I am. (I don’t think I am, but it’s the editors that decide to give me work and it’s the readers that have some sort of influence over editors, I think – if I tell an editor how great I am he’s not going to believe me)


SAVANT:: True Facts – Larry Young’s articles about self publishing. I’m gonna have to sit down and read all of these documents.

I’m always amazed by people who can get things done. Y’know, guys (or gals) who can say, “I’ve gotta do this, this and this” and then, well, actually do this, this and this. It staggers me.

Lots of people ask me for lots of things. You get a rep for drawing, you don’t have to be good, just willing, and people always ask you to draw something for them, usually a characature of them or someone you both know. The trick I’ve picked up and highly recommened, if you’re like me and you can’t say no, is to say “sure, just get me some reference” or “okay, but remind me about it next week” then the ball is instantly in their court again. Over half of those people will forget they ever asked you, ‘cus, c’mon, the weren’t that bothered it was just a spare of the moment thought. they had (that was gonna cause you hours of misery while you racked your brain looking for inspiration).

Crap. I’m just feeling crap ‘cus my little brother (Luke, who’s 5) was over tonight and he seems to be turning into a real little belfast hardman and it’s breaking my heart to watch it happen.