Three things

I do love drawing comics, but after 16 years as a professional (and after leaving a long career in IT about 10 years ago – 10 years of it as my only job) I feel it’s time to do something else. I admit this is as much about the current drought of work that I’m sitting in as it is about anything else. (Year before last was the busiest I’ve ever been, last year was the most lucrative I’ve ever had, this year is looking like the least busy I’ve ever been with the worst year financially every – made worse by the fact that last year was so good. Freelance is hard yo!) but it’s also about pushing myself more – sure every page is a struggle, but there’s lots about my old day job that I miss – working with people, training people, figuring out why stuff wasn’t working (there’s a good part of IT support that’s basically very low-stakes detective work )