Ape Shall Not Kill Ape

Was pleasantly surprised by Rise of the Planet of the Apes – I loved Planet of the Apes (and every slightly lesser, but in my eyes no less diminished, sequel in the “franchise” – ugh that word). Burton’s Planet of the Apes was… just… well, I’m sure you saw it. It was very Tim Burton does Planet of the Apes.

July Catchup!

So, I’ve been away and now I’m back. I won’t bore you with the details (oh sod it, I probably will). I think I hit a high fever in the middle of the holiday, so spent most of a day lying in bed being useless (and I wasn’t much use to begin with). Nathan, who has ASD, was entitled to quick entry on all the rides at lego land and Chessington, (yay!) but was petrified of everything so much time spent trying to get him to do anything (boo!) and Thomas, who now, I think, has developed a “mega-colon” (which means that … er… instead of a baker baking cupcakes he constantly drops little cupcakes and every few days delivers a massive 12 tier wedding cake – one big enough to stop toilets flushing) went through endless pairs of pants.

Big Bang

Those lovely chaps at the Big Bang in Dundrum have invited me down, along with Michael Carroll to sign copies of “Payback” – the Judge Dredd collection that collects a whole bunch of stuff, including the stories Mike and I did together about Dredd’s clone brother Dolman.


There’s a great 80′s twilight zone episode called “Wordplay”, it’s about a man who slowly finds that everyone around him appears to be talking gibberish (it starts with everyone he knows using the word “dinosaur” instead of “lunch” and as the episode progressess more and more words are transposed in this way). By the end of the episode, he has to pick up his young son’s picture book to relearn English, wherein a picture of a dog is labelled “Wednesday”. You can watch it here.

Dept of Monsterology

I really lucked out with Dept of Monsterology. Gordon Rennie, and I had been talking about it for a long time before we found Renegade Arts-a publisher willing to go with us. How long? a quick blog search suggests 2010, and it was just plain old “Monsterology” then, and the first time I met Gordon in person – sometime around 2001? was when we first talked about trying to get Hopping Chinese Vampires into a comic. Any comic.

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