Hey, if you like my work, I’ve drawn the latest Dredd, written by Michael Carroll for 2000AD. Called “The Lion’s Den”. Subscribers should have got it  on Saturday and you’ll be able to pick it up from newsagents on Wednesday. Hope you like it. Great fun to be back in 2000AD again, and happily, I’ve something else lined up that’s equally as fun (and represents me returning to something I’d never thought I’d get another go at).

2000AD Manga Studio Page Size

I know other artists work at print size in the digital realm, but I like to work at actual art[*] size – it gives me a flexibility to print and rescan and redo artwork and work in both digital and traditional media (I don’t subscribe to the idea that one is better than the other, though I – personally – do prefer the satisfaction of a good page drawn on paper).