Q: How do I decide how much to charge?

What follows is really just my opinion, and if you were in the room with me, I’d be disarmingly self-effacing throughout the whole thing (and making jokes, and throwing my arms around like a maniac, and you know, delivering it like a comedy routine),  but as you’re not, dear reader, you’re going to just have to take all this on board (let’s face it, it’s going to sound a bit ranty), seek out other opinions, and try these things for yourselves. It’s how you learn.

Breaking Surface

So, I’ve returned the surface. Pretty painless, dropped it in to PCworld, explained the pen issue – they nodded sagely and just started processing the refund. I was ready for more of a battle – my previous life working in IT has taught me shops don’t gladly return a £1129 if they can help it. But then, PC world have a pretty straight forward 21 day fault policy, if it’s faulty in 21 days then you get a refund. Which I did.

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