Redrawing things

Going to bed, haven’t finished the inking on page 1, I took a detour and started inking the last panel on page 2. All I’ve got to do though is redraw some cuddly ewok type aliens and then ink them. Shouldn’t be too hard :). But I’ll do it tomorrow morning.


I’ve been a busy bee today. Decided to start trying to improve my inking, and I’m fairly happy with the results (at least I can see minor improvements and I know where I want to go with them – which is half the battle). Started the third page of the Ghost Story script and just wanted to ink it with a brush. But I’m not. Using a pen again, to see if I can recapture the style I used about a year ago to do the first page (this is my first touch of a pen for ages).
Quite happy with it (for happy, read: there’s stuff wrong but I don’t know how to fix it – which is a lot better than “I can’t see anything wrong with it”). Got hold of a Lucifer script Lucifer Fansite it’s ish 4, the first 3-4 pages are mostly kids talking (a strength of mine, imho) so I wanna get stuck into that after I come back from the Isle of Man (going there from Sunday til Wednesday so don’t be surprised when there are no updates for those days)


Okay…. I’ve been doing nothing. I got the art for LiveBait scanned in, and when my pc is connected you should be able to see it soonish. I’ve also started moving some of my shareware comics stuff off site, which will allow me to put some more stuff online.
Geeky computer thing I’ve done today: stuck a second video card in my pc and, along with an old – not great monitor – I now have a 2 monitor system. It fairly rocks (in a sad kind of way) definately much easier to edit and colour artwork this way. Cool… now what I want is Windows 2000 so my PC can become a little more crash resistant.


Cor this lettering lark is dull, even with computers. I use Corel Draw and a font called WhizBang! it’s a nice, generic looking comic book lettering font (although you have to buy it). I also use a font called “YIKES” (which is shareware). I’ve lettered the first five pages of the Bulldog strip (called “DUTY”) it’s got great dialogue, although there’s quite a bit of it.
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