At Last! Sat down and forced myself to finish the last page of the dog strip. From Beginning to end it’s taken a fair while to get this thing done. Got the script around the 16th of Jan and I’ve finished it today (21 April – what’s that? 3 months later). Why so long? Cus I had a 2000ad assignment and a warhammer assignment in between times (and a Doc Who illo and a 3 page Live Bait strip to finish and a cover to do for it).
Not an awful lot of work to show for the time period although if you count all of the pages I drew which I didn’t like it’d probably be a fairly impressive page count. The gap between starting bulldog and finishing meant my enthusiasm waned somewhat (despite a really good script by Jason Cobley) so I’m glad to have it done. Now of course I’ve gotta letter all of this stuff in time for a lot of it to be printed before Comics 2001.

Livebait pg 1 and 2

I’ve just repencilled page 1 and most of page 2 of livebait. I decided that since this was non-commercial (in other words, I ain’t getting paid) I might as well let loose a little. So they’re supercartoony. A damn sight more interesting than the previous versions, cartoony but more with added gore :).

Live Bait / Bulldog / Dr Who

Putting the finishing touches to the Warhammer thing. Do I like it? I’m looking at it now and I can pick out bits I like and bits I don’t. I’m happy with it, but I can see where I can improve what I did which will, hopefully, feed into the next job. Now I can get back to my other stuff, the priority is to finish the Bulldog script, the Doctor Who illustration and the remaining two pages (still to be inked) of LiveBait 2. You can see page 1 of Live bait here (194kb)