Advent Day 24: Have a Dead Good Christmas

Judge Death vs Santa (yes. I’ve posted this every year since 2010, but this is the lesser seen red variant edition… er…)

Anyway, happy christmas! See you all in the new year (or thereabouts!)

(If I do this again next year, then I’ll DEFINITELY draw day 24 first and just bank it… Hope you’ve enjoyed it, it’s been fun, but you buggers ought to say hello once in a while!)


Advent Day 23: Rogue Trooper Toy

Hey look! I’ve been dying to do something like this for ages, and lo! a little app called “Foldify” did appear for the ipad. Now, foldify is fun – but can’t let you do exactly what I wanted to do, so I ended up printing out a folidify foldey paper dude and drawing my own. Print it out, cut it out and glue it together and hang it from your christmas tree!

I recommend you get some paper glue, you can use sellotape (as I did) but it’s a right pain in the patooie.

rogue-builtDownload the entire cut out and keep toy here:




Advent Day 21: Apocalypse!

So, er… we’re all still here then. Bum, I didn’t bother doing a sketch until late, just in case. Anyhue, here’s Marvel’s Apocalypse character. One of many massive chinned uber villains who count Thanos, andĀ Darkseid among their lot. Though I know very little about Apocalypse. (I’m not even 100% sure that’s his name…)

Still, hope you like. (15 Minute colour sketch in Manga Studio)

Can you spot the use of Kirby Crackle paint brush in Manga Studio 5?
Can you spot the use of Kirby Crackle paint brush in Manga Studio 5?

Advent Day 20: Bizarro Chris-Miss

I love MS5, I love my cintiq. I think I’ve made some fairly passable stabs at digital inking, but you know what? for pure satisfaction in your work, there’s NOTHING beats getting some ink out and using a pen (and, eventually, I’m gonna get back into using the brush, assuming my fingers are still capable of it…)

(Digitally coloured in MS5, I’m not nuts…)


Bizarro Chriss-Miss

Advent day 18: dwarf Santa

A quick painted sketch, painted in gloppy thick acrylics that haven’t been opened in almost a year. I do love painting, but I’ve never done much of it. If I was rich, and had all the time in the world, I think I’d explore it a lot more.

Any hue, here’s a half hour painting… (Which, if I pick up inks in the next few days I might rework…)





Advent day 17: a sketchbook of santas

Ok, I’ll be honest, after a fortnight of drawing purely digitally, it feels very much like the joy of drawing has been stolen from me and replaced with some sort of mechanical heart. I’ve become the TInman. I’ve drawn a cover, a couple of pages and innumerable sketches, but don’t feel like I’ve done a single thing.

Don’t get me wrong, the digital drawing tools are amazing. Pencilling in manga studio looks like the real thing.

But it isn’t.

I sat and started doodling in my sketchbook and I’m happier, and felt freeier and more creative.

I’ll always use digital tools, and I may eventually move over to them fully, but not yet.

Here’s a page of sketches. See if you can spot Santa…


Advent Day 16: Zombo

It’ll be Zombo this Christmas, Zombo and cold.

I love Zombo, it’s a bonkers 2000AD tale as told by Henry “Mad Genius” Flint and Al “Mad Genius” Ewing.

Here’s the digital pencils and digital colours. Manga Studio 5. The tinsel was a simple single shape that I turned into a “ribbon” allowing me to draw the tinsel in organic curves from one shape. Pretty nifty. Then I layered it on top of itself for the many bright colours.

zombochristmasCOLOURS zombochristmasPENCILS