Channel Hex: Bughunt

Transmissions from a parallel place, Channel Hex is your window into alternative dimensions and worlds.


Bughunt was just a one note gag based on the Bill Paxton line in Aliens (yeah, like you needed that explained). Just thought it’d be funny if they were actual bugs, giant massive bugs. I also loved the line in Skull Island (a fantastic movie) were to old hand on hearing a weird chirping sound goes “f***ing ants”. As Rob Williams pointed out, that’s likely an ad-libbed line (which is why we never saw the ants) but it was damn funny.

The troopers are (with the exception of the sarge) based on a popular All American comic series, see if you can guess which (should be pretty obvious when you realise…)

So you get this, and in a final – putting-too-much-thought-into-a-stupid-two-panel joke – the Space Ship they’re landing in is the SS Jerry Paris (writer/artist of the strip Bughunters from C&VG from years ago, who is, pleasantly, become a pal).

On the colouring, I wanted something that felt like the Skull Island set pieces (sun setting behind KONG! F*** YEAH!) and the landscape would be hot pink (based on the photos in this article where the photographer used infra red and processing to arrive at hotpink landscapes, be warned – some of these photos are disturbing, being from a war zone )

I buzzed through the colouring as fast as I could, tbh, it wasn’t my main objective, so if anyone wants to have a stab at colouring this bad boy properly, let me know!

Will there be more bughunters? Probably not. Really this was an an exercise in controlled inking, my inking often runs away with me and I wanted to ink something and feel like I was in charge and not just the ink. (Inking the giant ant was good fun but the temptation to just slosh down black ink on the outline of it was almost unbearable, had to thin down so many lines).

I have a couple more one page strips in my ideas file just waiting on some time to execute them, this was a nice little palette cleanser before starting some more 2000AD work.

Hope you like it.