Hey Kids! COMICS!

Here’s where you’ll find my online comic book creations, so here’s some links:

Folklore Thursday – written in tweet form by John Reppion, I take his 280 character tweet and adapt it into one page comic. A fun exercise for me, and free comics for you!

TH Comics – Comics written and drawn by my youngest son, Thomas. I know what you’re thinking “But PJ, these are kids comics” – yes. And they’re brilliant. Genuinely laugh out loud (plus I’ve inked and lettered them so they’re pretty readable). He’s got two issues of his kids anthology Why Not!? available to download (free to download, and if you’re so inclined you can donate!) coming soon! The Origin of Monkey Arms (a complete comic featuring one of the break out stars of Why Not!? – Thomas has completed this, he’s just patiently waiting on me inking and lettering it…)