Folklore Thursday: Hy-Brasil

What does Hy-Brasil look like, what shape is it? What’s on it? I have no idea, so you’ve got to make these things up, I suppose.  I Shaped out an island, in panel one, and started figuring out some geography, I wanted volcanos (But it made no sense) and then I thought it’d be fun to have some cliffs – cliffs that face Ireland, so the only way to land is the long way round. And then I started planning little things I could put on the island, but of course, we’re seeing it from a distance, so they’re nothing but notions and nods to that. An Irish Wakanda, maybe. Easter Island heads, a couple of stone circles, maybe an Ancient Greek temple. All in there somewhere (maybe).

Oh and a c crop circle.

Panel 2, this is from the some google searching and the map of hy-brasil.

Panel 3 our map begins to fade.

Panel 4 – a bearded Liverpudlian (John) and a short Norn Iron (me) chap, make their way across the sea in 2026 to find the island… maybe… 

And that’s it. No long to go now for the end… well, let’s call it the end of this chapter… news soon…