Sketch Show Live FAQ

Section 1 : How to get a sketch

Q. How do I get a sketch?

A. Email me with the subject LIVE SKETCH and I can add you to the list at the next available sketch slot!

Q. How much does it cost?

A .Sketches are A5 sized, and cost:

  • £30 for a pencil head sketch
  • £50 for an inked head sketch
  • £100 for a coloured head sketch (Water colour)

Q. When will my sketch be done?

A. I’ll put you in the next available sketch slot, as soon as possible. The show webpage for that day will show where your sketch is in the order in which I’ll draw them, but I can’t be very precise on when that happens.

Q. How much is postage?

A. In the UK Postage is free, Europe £3 and the rest of the world £6.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Paypal, at my email address.

Q. Can I get a sketch of…. ?

A. I’ll turn my hand to anything, but sketches are A5 which is a great size for a decent sized headshot or bust shot, but would be pretty tiny for a full figure. I won’t do caricatures (a good likeness takes too long) and I won’t do more than one character in a shot – if you’d like TWO characters then you’d need to ask for two sketches.

Q. Can I buy original art of anything else?

A. Of course, email with details of what you’re after and we can talk!

Section 2: The Show

Q. Where can I watch the show?

A. You can watch the live stream of the show on my twitter feed, my youtube account, my twitch or my facebook.

Q. When can I watch the show?

A. The show goes live every Saturday from 8pm (except when it doesn’t – in which case I’ll usually move it to a Sunday from 8pm if there’s a good reason but keep an eye on the website for the full schedule…)

Q. Is the show kid friendly?

A. YES! I was genuinely surprised to find as many kids watching it with parents, so when I started the show was at 9pm, which proved a little late and we’ve moved it forward to 8pm.

Q. How long does the show last?

A. One hour. At least that’s the aim. It might run over or under, but if I have 8 pencil head sketches, I will generally get them all done in one hour with a bit of chatting!

Q. Where can I see old episodes?

I’ll try and keep links to archive episodes here on the website (see the drop down list under live sketch show), but you’ll also be able to see archived shows over on my youtube page (but the best way to find them will be here).