Saturday Night Live Sketch Show

So, Saturday Night from 9m I’m gonna be doing a regular Sketch Show (Drawings not Jokes)

Where to Watch

Episode 1 is on youtube, and if things go according to play you should be able to watch the episodes live on a variety of streaming platforms:

And, if it all goes well, I should be able to keep up with comments on each of the streams!

Now, part of the deal is that I’m drawing commissions, I can do about 7 pencil sketches in the hour long show and week one is full committed.

Week 4 bookings are open now. Simply email me with the subject line Live Sketch

Previous Episodes

Episode 1 16th May 2020 – Sketches in this episode include: Dredd & Anderson – Dredd (with Badge) – Judge Hershy – Bounty Hunter (from DeadSignal) – Dredd (angry!) – Dredd (heavily shadowed)

Episode 2 23rd May 2020 – Morbius, Pops (from The Stringbags), Dredd, Domino, BATMAN, Dredd, Johnny Alpha, and Roac son of Carc from the Hobbit

Coming Up!

Episode 3 30th May 2020 – Chimpsky, Fink Angel (or Judge Fear) inked, Chimpsky(inked), and Judge Fire (inked) – Dreddpool, Mini Mouse.

Episode 4 SUNDAY 7th June 2020 – All slots available!


Commissions are A5 pencil drawings.

  • Pencil is £30
  • Inked is £50
  • Watercolours £100

Postage in the UK is free. Outside the UK, postage is £2 worldwide.
If you’d like the postage to be sent priority (which requires your signature on delivery, and I’d recommend it for the more expensive) postage in the UK is £2 and worldwide £8.

FAQs (I’ll add these as I get them…!)

Is it kid friendly?

I think so, every drawing is clean, and I think I generally don’t swear, so it should be a PG all ages. I’ve even moved the show to 8pm so if you have kids that are interested in drawing, they can watch it earlier.

Can you draw bigger?

Nope, sorry, this works out to be the best size to keep the prices reasonable (ok, watercolour is expensive) while allowing me to draw them quick. Suits both of us. It’s also a very convenient size for postage (which is the real reason I’m doing it this size)

How do I pay?

For regular commissions, paypal is acceptable.

I need to prioritise my drawing, can you do it quicker?

Maybe. Depends on what you’re after, I’ve put things ahead for kids so they don’t end up staying up late watching the show.


Ok, here’s some of the artwork! Once I’ve some watercoloured commissions under my belt I’ll let you see them.