Saturday Sketch Show Live #2 23 May 2020

This weeks sketch list is fully booked! thanks all. Hope you enjoy seeing the sketches take life on the show!

This week’s show suffered a little from some video problems but we eventually ironed them out and it should be great from next week. You can rewatch it here in three parts, the first two the video was practically still images, but the audio is grand. From part three below it’s all good:

Sketch list for this week’s show:

  1. JP – Morbius The Living Vampire
  2. Roger – Pops (from my graphic novel with Garth Ennis, The Stringbags)
  3. Mike – Dredd
  4. Declan -my choice- I DREW BATMAN!
  5. Derek – Domino
  6. Joe – Dredd
  7. Neil – Johnny Alpha
  8. Chris –  Roäc son of Carc from The Hobbit
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