Skulduggery Pleasant Panel

Well, today was the skulduggery pleasant panel day, I sat with Nick Lake (editor) and Derek Landy (author) and watched as the crowd were in thrall to Derek (who really knows how to work his crowd)

I mostly tried to hide behind my ipad and made occasionally funny remarks.

Then we did a signing, and I suppose after doing stuff like this for 16 or so years, Derek has become really really good at crowd work. Good big queue, bodes well for the book. They’ll be doing another yay! with a different artist! boo! (don’t worry if they keep going, at some point I’ll do another)

Derek and Nick and team are keen to see as many different artists interpret that world as possible, so hopefully the next person will be able to turn in artwork very different to me (but if you’re reading this different artist, make it just a little bit not as good? cheers!)

Spent time at the venue then back at the hotel, and I’m learning something not great about myself, I’ve almost no bravery when it comes to exploring. I could’ve got a cab back to cheltenham proper, but I sat at the bar had a dinner (on expenses) and ate and then came to my room and slept.

If my wife were here she be making me get in a cab to go in to town just to see what’s there. (And then heading back for 9:30 to go to sleep, and I’d be sat here blogging and drawing and mumbling about how I could be doing this at home)

Now I want to go home, but won’t be able to do it until tomorrow.


Did a inktober helltober thing this morning, but drew it in a silly cartoony style, which took seconds so decided to colour it too.

Am I tempted to do this again but make it proper serious? Yes. Will I? No. Because I am lazy. So very very lazy.