Tardis Time Trap

Was talking to a writer friend the other day and they asked “if you were to come up with a doctor who game, what would the mechanic be” and honestly it popped in to my head fully formed, so here it is:

You’re trapped in the Tardis, it is malfunctioning and you have to both repair it and solve the mystery. You do so by walking round the tardis rooms and figuring out what you need, but, when you leave a room it becomes locked in a time loop. Meaning, if you re-enter the room, you encounter yourself from your previous play through of that room. You can’t change that time-locked version of you, but you CAN touch them/move them/time lock them for that moment (and if you reneter the room again, now there are two other versions of you stuck in that loop, and same rules apply – no theoreitcally upper limit…). So, for example, you enter a room, there’s a high shelf you need something there, you can’t reach. So you stand beside it for a minute, you leave and you renter, now you see yourself standing in the corner, you go over, timelock your old self (SONIC SCREWDRIVER TO RESCUE!) climb up on yourself and get the thing, then leave with it.

Anyway, that’s my fun tardis time trap mechanic, do with it what you will (but pay me a lot of money) thank you, bye!