TH Comics!

TH Comics is a publisher of kids comics for kids by a kid! Written and drawn by Thomas Holden (my son!) I ink and letter the comics for him and put them together, and there all here for you to read! If you enjoy them, then please feel free to send Tom a Paypal tip!

Why Not!? issue 1 can be downloaded here. The debut comic from TH Comics, featuring Monkey Arms, Space Dogs, Randoms and a whole lot more…

Why Not!? issue 2 can be downloaded here. The second issue of the phenomenally successful kids’ comic Why Not!? features the unbelievable showdown between Space Dogs and Space Cats in a Space Pet-Off! Who Will Win!? And it’s jam packed full of other strips, including Monkey Arms,

Springing from the pages of Why Not!? Issue 1 of Monkey Arms can be downloaded here and features Monkey Arms origin story! Find out what the scary strange secret to Timmy’s extra long arms! What has big ears got to do with it and what on earth is Timmy’s dad up to? Find out in a comic that features THE DEATH OF MONKEY ARMS! (sorta)