Home to my microfiction newsletter, A4.

A4 is a single A4 sheet of paper with seven little nano-fiction stories. The sheet is designed to be printed and folded in such a way that you end up with a lovely little standee with a pulp fiction like cover. (Or you could just read them on screen! but I promise, it’s worth the effort!)

Issue Zero was my test fire to see if the idea stood up to more than casual scrutiny and so far, a surprising number of people have downloaded it (I have the stats!)

Cover Gallery


You can download issue zero here:

A4 Issue Zero

Issue ONE is here 15th July 2023

A4 Issue One

Issue TWO August 2023

A4 Issue Two

Issue THREE Autumn 2023 (The Wyrd West edition)

A4 Issue Three

Here’s how to fold it for the best effect…

Fold the left wing of the ‘zine backwards behind the cover. The fold the right wing of the ‘zine backwards behind the cover. Now fold the bottom third behind the cover, the top third behind the cover, et voila! A free standing ‘zine cover.