PJ’s Live Sketch Show

So, Sunday night from 8pm I’m gonna be doing a regular Sketch Show (Drawings not Jokes)

(*Yes, the show was previously on a Saturday, I’ve moved it!*)

Where to Watch

You can watch the first few epiosdes on youtube, but to catch me live, you’ll find me at the following:

Now, part of the deal is that I’m drawing commissions, I can do about 7 pencil sketches in the hour long show and week one is full committed.

Bookings are OPEN. Simply email me pjholden@gmail.com with the subject line Live Sketch

Previous Episodes

Episode 1 16th May 2020 – Sketches in this episode include: Dredd & Anderson – Dredd (with Badge) – Judge Hershy – Bounty Hunter (from DeadSignal) – Dredd (angry!) – Dredd (heavily shadowed)

Episode 2 23rd May 2020 – Morbius, Pops (from The Stringbags), Dredd, Domino, BATMAN, Dredd, Johnny Alpha, and Roac son of Carc from the Hobbit

Episode 3 30th May 2020 – Chimpsky, Fink Angel (or Judge Fear) inked, Chimpsky(inked), and Judge Fire (inked) – Dreddpool, Mini Mouse.

Episode 4 SUNDAY 7th June 2020 -Death’s Head (inked), MasterChief (inked),Yassa Povey,Kid Knee, Judge Dredd, Dredd with Badge (inked)

Episode 5SUNDAY 14th June 2020 – Durham Red, a Triptych featuring: Dan Dare, Dredd, Toby (Halo Jones), Halo Jones – Kano, Dredd, B. Zane (from Numbercruncher), Mean Machine, Trapper Hag (my choice!) and Catwoman – packed double length show!

And that’s it for Season 1 – I will be back in August, I think, and hopefully you can join me then!


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