Johnny Ghoul

Well, I’m still trying to figure out the name of my undead detective. Was going to go for Johnny Ghoul, but turns out this is such a great idea lots of people have used it. Ugh. Back to the drawing board.

Today I pencilled a page of it (actually pencilling a second right now too) and here’s a sneak peaky…

Three panels from a comic strip. Drawn in a film noir style. Panel 1 is a city at night, art deco buildings and beside it a circular panel with the an undead detective. Panel two, close up of a mob bosses face, inside the detectives office. In heavy shadow from the shades. The next panel a close up of the detective, in heavier shadow.

Actually very happy with how that pencilled page has turned out. Archangel (the city of monsters) is a sort gothic art deco world, where it’s either snowing, raining or just night time. So if I do more stories there, there’s a lot of lore to explore.


Still churning through the walking dead, I suspect it’s not really a show you should binge, but I’m sort of innoculated against the worst of it because I’m wathcing it while I work, so frequently miss stuff – much as I did with Ashoka, in fact it’s only after I saw someone mention it on twitter I discovered that the storm troopers where zombies??? Flew right past me (much like abolt from a storm troopers weapon would, those dolts can hit the side of a barn dead or alive)


Tomorrow the site launches. I dunno what to expect? An audience? I dunno. I’ve stuck a kofi link (it’s on every page, god I hope it’s not annoying) it sort of floats at the bottom and you can donate whatever you fancy to me. Obviously I’ve site costs (but, so far, they’re minor) and time costs for doing the work, but you know, I’ve taken that on myself.

What will success look like? Doing it was the real reason to do it, if you see what I mean. But an unread comic always feels sort of sad to me, so I’m hoping we get some numbers. We’ll see.

I’ll be sending out my newsletter tomorrow ( just to announce it on there. My newsletter has gotten a bit of a lease of life since I started the A4 ‘zine, I’ll post on there every time I get one together, and I’ve about 360 people in the newsletter. Let’s hope that bumps up. But I will only send it monthly… except this month, where I’m giving myself an extra bite of the cherry because of the null space…


Blogtober continues, as does inktober and monstertober and helltober and I dunno what else. Anyway, here’s my inktober drawing for today, Cthulhu….

Cthulu rising from the ocean, disturbing two tiny boats. Below him the text "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"

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  1. Loving your blogtober posts PJ!

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