Folklore Thursday

I’m having to revisit folklore thursday strips for a collection (hurrah!) and oen of the things I’m doing is a brand new strip. Except… I don’t remember how to do it any more! So I’m sitting staring at the John’s tweet (remember, John Reppion would write a folklore tweet and I’d make up a comic using it) and thinking “how did I do this for a year?”

Four page days

I’m scheduling the pencils I’ve got to do this week for four page a day. Absolutely bonkers, but very doable. I mean, for a start my pencils are super rough (a guide for my later inking). Hoping I can get 21 pages completed, then start inking next week. One annoying thing about that schedule is when you have a hard crash in the middle of it (for whatever reason) suddenly, you’ve missed two days and you’re eight pages behind. Horrible.

Eat my Shorts

I woke up this morning and thought, I should really be trying to do something beyond just sitting in the house and drawing comics, and LO! I booked myself a course on making short films at our local arts community centre. (if you’re in Belfast, it’s the Crescent Arts Centre)

I did think “I should do something totally outside my wheel house” – but I’ve wanted for years to make short films and never done anything beyond a couple of little goofy shorts for my son (who was the main driving force – when he was about 8) and my mate (years and years ago, again, he was the main driving force). I have all the kit, I just lacked time and a way to remove the barriers you construct around yourself.

I’d like to do this, then maybe a course on writing, but we’ll see how we go…

Drawing a Crowd

Some people have imagination to burn, NOT ME! so, when required to draw a crowd, I’ll stick something on tv and liberally steal from every extra that walks past. Right now I’m catching up on Servant which means M Night Shymalan makes an appearance (well, not really, I’m not going for likenesses just INPUT for my imagination engines to latch on to.)

Twitter/Mastodon Test!

In an ideal world, microblogging on wordpress (using “aside” format) would change what gets posted to twitter or mastodon so you could see the entire post contents. As though I’m actually tweeting/tooting from my wordpress blog. Let’s try, shall we?