Drawing a Crowd

Some people have imagination to burn, NOT ME! so, when required to draw a crowd, I’ll stick something on tv and liberally steal from every extra that walks past. Right now I’m catching up on Servant which means M Night Shymalan makes an appearance (well, not really, I’m not going for likenesses just INPUT for my imagination engines to latch on to.)

Twitter/Mastodon Test!

In an ideal world, microblogging on wordpress (using “aside” format) would change what gets posted to twitter or mastodon so you could see the entire post contents. As though I’m actually tweeting/tooting from my wordpress blog. Let’s try, shall we?


Honestly, one of the things twitter has ruined for me is the ability to think of blogging as anything other than long form posts. Twitter took the place of short form thoughts and then my attention withered to the point that I could no longer make long form thoughts. So… I’m gonna start microblogging here.

That’s it. That’s the post…