Page Count

Let’s try and keep a tally of the number of pages I’ve drawn in the year. This will be hella inaccurate, but might be roughly right? I’ll only be counting completed comic pencilled/inked pages.


I’m guessing 200+ but I can’t give a precise figure but we’re in 2021 and time has lost all meaning.


Cumulative total so far: 100 (as at June 1st) UPDATE: I have NO idea how many pages I finally managed in 2020, I stopped counting.


Completed23 pages of art. Of which, 17 were pencilled this month. Five were folklore thursday strips, which I adapted from John Reppion’s tweets into comics, then pencilled, inked and coloured.


Completed: 19 pages of art, but I pencilled 28 pencilled this month, and three folklore thursdays.


26 pages finished, and 32 pencilled. 4 Folklore Thursdays. Actually that’s not bad. (Also: this is when the lockdown/Coronvirus really kicked in in the UK – officially March 23rd.)


9 things I can invoice for, and an additional 3 things I can’t. 12 in total. Good grief.


26 pages Complete. Of which, 7 were pencils (I’d penciled in March? but happily I can invoice for!) four where folklore thursday and 2 were covers.


20 pages.


Approx 150.

Honestly, no idea – I have an exports folder which simply contains every exported file I’ve sent to a publisher, so I’m using this to guestimate, but it’s inexact…

233 files but I’d say a good 1/3 of those aren’t art, so let’s call it 150 – which is about half a page per day. Not brilliant, but not bad.