Comic Series

Current working methods

If you’re a reader of my old blog, you’ll have read periodic updates on how I work – primarily because like me in a party, the moment I feel like I’m comfortable I have to upended a table and jump out a window (or find a tiny kitchen corner to hide in).

The current process goes like this:

Read script.

Create a multi page document of the length of the script + a few pages at the back for layouts/designs.

Use a page at the back, creating a page frame (a specific layer in clip studio paint) and divide it so it’s exactly nine frames, which I’ll use as my guideline for thumbs.

Digital thumbs, I find drawn this way are actually more detailed than my normal pencilled thumbs, and can sometimes double as pencils.

Happy with thumbs, I’ll cut the thumb out for the first page, then paste that into the first document, scaling it up to fill the page.

I’ll create a “pencils” folder (setting it to draft – again a Clip Studio Paint specific thing) and make it a pale blue colour, dropping the enlarged thumb in. I’ll create a new pencil layer within that folder, and trace/finish the rough thumbs into useable pencils.

Once I’ve got my pencils, I’ll create an inks layer, and just ink the damn thing.

That’s it.

I’ve a couple of rules of thumbs for making the digital work go smoother, but you’ll have to be a backstage patreon for that!


Behind the scenes, I explain what’s going on with this scaffolding I’ve drawn all over Dredd’s face, but here’s the picture for everyone else!

Ancient Batman Sample

So it was 25 years ago yesterday since the Batman animated adventures debuted.

I’m unsure of how old this (unsolicited) batman sample is, but it’s at least half that.

Even as I did these pencils I was aware they were far tighter than my usual. Now they just look insanely tight.

(five vertical panels? I bet I thought I was the bees knees, but it’s largely unreadable – also, why put batman’s ears on top of black, I should’ve made the bg at the top lighter. And … Bruce Timm much? actually no, not even a fraction of Bruce Timm, but look at that bored Commissionor Gordon/security guard.)

This page has nothing going for it. NOTHING.

I was pretty pleased with the Bat-goggles, and I still like the chunky batman on panel 2 though that big dildo-like building is fairly distracting.

(and I clearly used up all the perspective grid on that first page, cus here it’s all Aldus Huxley doors of perception perspective…)