Adobe Furishop


I’ve had quite the day. Nothing going as it should.

The Royal Mail, who I want to support, but, ironically, are the least capable postage service amazon uses.

Went to collect a parcel that we missed. Came home to find a note saying “While you were out…” ugh.

Went to collect my son’s ipad – got it repaired last week. They guys repairing it screwed it up, so the screen went hay wire. Texted them yesterday “Sure, that’s ready for collection”. Popped in today. “Oh yeah, it’s ready. But it’s in Downpatrick” (A distance of 47 miles).

Decided to cancel Adobe Creative Cloud. I signed up for the photographer’s licence, it’s a good deal if you use photoshop – tenner a month for access to photoshop. But I don’t use it, everything I do is done in Clip Studio Paint.

I signed up last month, you have a reasonable 14 days to try and cancel. So I went to cancel, they offered me two months free and I thought “Oh, that’s class. I’ll take that”.

Still didn’t use it, and being a conscientious fellow, I decided to cancel even though I’m in the middle of that two month free use.

Cancelling costs £44 – ie, half of the remaining contract. And you lose access to it on the next billing date. ie within the month. So the optimum time for cancelling, where you pay the least and get the most is … er… at the end of your contract.

I was furious. Effing Furious. (To be honest, the adobe thing came after the post and the ipad, so I headed to adobe support and this happened…


You’re chatting with Bill ***

Thank you for contacting Adobe membership services. You will be attended to shortly.
Thank you for your patience. Your wait time is approximately ‘4’ minutes.
You are now chatting with ‘Bill ***’
Thank you for contacting Adobe Membership Services paul. I’ll look into your account right away to view exclusive offers for your membership.
Hi Paul, how are you doing today?

Bill, I had assumed my contract with adobe could be cancelled at any time – it’s not a service I ended up using to any extent
When I tried to cancel in septemeber (shortly after beginning the service) I was offered two months of free use (or so it appeared). I took the offer, but still didn’t use photoshop to any greater extent and decided to cancel it altogther, but I’ve just discovered the cancellation fee is £44
Paul, I see you are using Creative Cloud Photography plan (one-year)‎.
When I first tried to cancel, this was within the 14 days cooling off period.
If I had known that accepting the “two months free” would negate the cooling off period I would not have accepted.
Paul, I would like to inform you the subscription plan you’ve is under annual commitment/monthly billing.
how much notice of cancellation is required for there not to be a cancellation fee?
The early termination fee would be GBP 44.91.
Just to reconfirm, may I please know the reason why do you want to cancel it?  
Are we still connected?

Will I still have access to the service for four months (which is approximately the value of that fee?)
If you will cancel it you will no longer have the access to it.
May I please have your phone number to update your profile?
We have not heard from you for some time.  Do you wish to continue to chat?
So I have to pay for four months access to an app that I won’t have access to? This is an awful way to treat customers.
Don’t cancel. Can you give me an email address to contact customer services.
I will be taking legal advice. It is utterly unacceptable to charge someone for a service and then to no longer give them access to it.
Paul, just to let you know that you currently have 9 months remaining.
Yes, and if I want to cancel, I have to pay – IN ADVANCE – for four months and then get to use it for only one month. Astonishing to me that adobe think that’s acceptable.
At the time of purchasing the product I believe you must’ve go through the terms and condition regarding the subscription plan you have.
It’s not asking you to pay for 4 months.
That’s the early termination fee charge if you wish to cancel it now.
That is why I asked you the reason for the cancellation.

The early termination fee is equivilant to the price of half the remaining contract – and the contract is no longer available.
As I’m here to help you with it.
Yes that’s correct.

I do not use photoshop, I had originally signed up for it to test it to see if it suited my purposes, and had intended to cancel within the 14 day termination period. When I went to cancel adobe offered me two months of free usage
I had no idea that this would then lock me into paying £44 to stop the service I never used to any great extent.
Okay, so now you are looking to cancel it without fee right?
Yes, ideally, I would like to cancel without paying a fee.

[ I lost the last bit, but that’s what happened – cancelled, no fee. ]