No blog post today, instead, have a sight of my bookshelves (or at least a couple of them…)

This is the 2000ad/how to shelves.

With the odd interloper. I’d say in terms of percentage of books read I’d give this a solid 24%

This is the is cds/dvs/books on writing, unsorted books, unsorted sketchbooks, wwii reference, random things and oh-sh*-I-should-tidy-this-up.

Excluding the sketchbooks, I’m probably a solid 50% read on this shelf.

Oversized books here, mostly Art of and others, bit of mess. Needs tidied. Probably 40% read.

This shelf replaced to smaller shelves, unusually I’m much closer to 80-90% read on this shelf, as they’re usually books I bought for reading. (With the exception of the Dredd collections which are contain reprint) (Oh the education and welfare queens 1996-97 is a cover I painted for QUB, just after I left qub)

Oddly this is the shelf I’d probably consider salvaging for books to get rid of, though.

Anyway, it’s not quite a week of blog posting, but it’s close enough,