Captain Tomtom page 3

How it’s working: I make up something, pencil it, add dialogue, then ink it, then have a think about tomorrow’s page. And go from there.

So I’m about one / three pages ahead, plus I have an idea of what happens in the end, so everything in between can go nutso. I mean I know exactly why Captain Tomtom got lost, I know what will happen when we get to the story, but I honestly have no idea what will happen between those two things. Beyond some notional ideas.

(Slightly annoyed with myself, that I didn’t get in this “Lost In Space” “I don’t think you can call it that” “Well, what about Captain Tomtom’s Star Trek home?” “Er… no” “Ugh. It’s like you want to have a war with me in space, a kind of STAR W..” “ALSO NO” but you do what you can…)

Also: patrons only from here on in with this strip, I’ll post little snippets of panels on twitter, but that’s it, if you’d like to spread the word, that’d be awesome!