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A Serious House on Serious Earth.

About Paul Cornell

Paul Cornell has written episodes of Elementary, Doctor Who (Father’s Day’ and ‘Human Nature’), Primeval, Robin Hood and many other TV series, including his own children’s show, Wavelength.  He’s worked for every major comics company, including his creator-owned series I Walk With Monsters for The Vault, The Modern Frankenstein for Magma, Saucer Country for Vertigo and This Damned Band for Dark Horse, and runs for Marvel and DC on Batman and Robin, Wolverine and Young Avengers.  He’s the writer of the Lychford rural fantasy novellas from Tor.com Publishing.  He’s won the BSFA Award for his short fiction, an Eagle Award for his comics, a Hugo Award for his podcast and shares in a Writer’s Guild Award for his Doctor Who.  He’s the co-host of Hammer House of Podcast.  His latest book is the SF novella Rosebud, his latest graphic novel is The Witches of World War II for TKO and his latest comic series is Con and On for Ahoy. 

Website: https://www.paulcornell.com/ | Amazon Links 

The Script

1: The edge of a black hole, a single gleam of light burning like a star at the edge of it, no stars behind it, like the ‘diamond ring’ stage of a total eclipse in a completely dark sky.

Caption 1:     The event horizon

Caption 2:     of the universe.

Caption 3:     All memory stores there.

2: A small child’s face with powerful, loving light shining down on them.  They’re ecstatic, laughing. 

Caption 1:     We’re all there now.

Caption 2:     Always.

Caption 3:     How are we?

Caption 4:     Who knows?

3: Same shot.  The same small child, in much more mundane real life, in the same pose, but in a wooly hat, coat, mittens, looking up at a snowflake, one of many coming down around them.

Caption 1:     But serotonin grace

Caption 2:     in moments

Caption 3:     says something loves us.

4: A stable at night in the Middle East, though it’s just an emptiness of open plains (no animals), with that ‘star’ from panel one high above it on a starry night, and the most hopeful light spilling from its open, welcoming, door. 

Caption 1:     And that something

Caption 2:     incarnated

Caption 3:     only once explained it all. 

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