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The Blood Garnet Crown

About Jendia Gammon

Jendia Gammon is the author of fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels and short stories. Jendia writes compelling characters within rich world-building. Her work is showcased in INTERZONE, SEASIDE GOTHIC, RHAPSODY OF THE SPHERES (anthology; Third Flatiron), RISE (anthology; Queer Sci-Fi), and the upcoming CYBERSALON anthology (2024). Under her former self-publishing and small press pen name, J. Dianne Dotson, she wrote THE SHADOW GALAXY (collection; Trepidatio), THE INN AT THE AMETHYST LANTERN (novel; Android Press), and the four-book SFF series THE QUESTRISON SAGA (self). 

Links: jendiagammon.com

The Script

The Blood Garnet Crown by Jendia Gammon

Panel 1: A teen girl (DARE LAVENDER) with light brown, messy hair stands in the doorway watching her beautiful, blonde, haughty  older sister (IO LAVENDER) be fitted for a red ballgown.

Panel 2: The older sister IO and MOTHER shove the dress into the girl’s arms. 

MOTHER: Take this to the village, Dare dear. Your sister wants the purple one instead.

Panel 3: DARE walks on a wooded path with a basket on her arm. The basket holds the red gown. 

Panel 4: DARE  reaches a turnstile by a weir along the wooded path.

Panel 5: The path forks and on it DARE sees a trail of sparkling red gems.

Panel 6: DARE follows the red gems, picking them up as she goes. The trail forest grows wilder and darker around her.

Panel 7: A clearing reveals to DARE a gorgeous crown made of dark scarlet garnets upon a pedestal.

Panel 8: DARE puts the crown on her head.

Panel 9: DARE, crowned, now wears the red ballgown. The basket sits empty beside her. 

She stands in a red-hued ball of beautifully dressed but sinister-faced brings.

They bow.

“Welcome home, QUEEN DARE!”