Folklore Thursday: Ocean

And we’re coming to the end, so time to revisit some old friends 😛

The look of the selkies here is a bit of fail on my part (seeing how the sausage is made is what you expect from me, by now, surely?) based on a thing I saw on twitter of a 3d artists approach to doing mermaids – they looked like women covered in silk – merged with it and I like it, I though something similair but silky hair. Instead it looks like a partially drowned chewbacca. Oh well.

Still nice to come back to the Zaratan. If you joined us late, the Zaratan was the very first strip we did as the folklore Thursday. I did it, had so much fun, I coloured it expecting to never colour any more, and here we are, 50+ full colour strips later.

A slightly different angle, and a bit less cartoony than the last time, but it’s nice to see him.

Don’t forget, we’ll be continuing the patreon- but instead of folklore thursday we’ll be doing a page a week on another subject. At least initially, before we come round to a project we’ve been thinking as our follow up, just before the pandemic hit and changed everyone’s plans.

You are, of course, welcome to unsubscribe from the patreon, but I’d really appreciate if you stick round. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the new thing just as much (and maybe more so!)