Folklore Thursday: Treasures and Weapons, fit only for heroes

Well, here it is. The last of folklore thursday!

I wanted to end on something that tried to draw as much in as possible (without appearing too cluttered) like an idiot I redrew all of those monsters, you won’t be able to tell. I could have just cut and pasted them. But no. I thought redrawing them was sensible. Oh well.

I am smugly pleased with where the last caption has ended up. Treasures, and weapons, fit only for heroes. Yes. Yes, take a bow me and John. We’re the heroes here. 

From a silly little idea, to a full years worth of weekly comic strips. I’m glad we did it. I’m glad we’re doing something new.

Nothing next week, folks. It’ll be the first week off, I think we’ve had. (We’ve come very close to missing a week, but never have done). But we’re ending on three pages of art and comics for you this week, so I hope you feel you’re getting your monies worth.

There’s a fair few nods to previous strips in there, I hope you can spot them all. And I hope you beg my indulgence if I couldn’t get everything in.

Thanks for joining us. See you in a couple of weeks with something new!