If you go down to your comic shop today…

(or maybe next week, it’s hard to keep track) You can fill your boots with work I’ve done, that, somehow, is all coming out now or next week (it’s largely backups or shorts so even if you’re not a fan of me, there’s probably something else in there to enjoy…)

I’ve mentioned it all in the past, but now it’s all come out…

Harley Quinn Knight Terrors#2 (8 page backup)

Catwoman Uncovered (bunch of simple illos, as a connective tissue for a whole load of catwoman variant covers in a pin up like book)

Ahoy Comics Project Cryptid 10 pager with Paul Cornell (“Wormy and Me” that’s not how I describe me and Paul, that’s the title of the story)

Battle Action #4 “Death Squad” short by me and Rob Williams (I’ve forgotten the page count! 10-12?)

There’s still the Soul Plumber collection to come, The Skulduggery Pleasant Bad Magic graphic novel, The collected Fantastic Folklore, and starting next month (I think) the 8 part Judge Dredd story for 2000AD.

Been a busy old week, really not sure how you’d categorise this style of publication. I doubt even my mum would pick up all of those things, but if you pick up any of them know that I’m extremely grateful. It’s all feast or famine round these parts.